Linnet Mosaic-X5


Achieve centimeter precision with our multi-band module RTK Linnet, equipped with Mosaic-X5, a highly accurate multi-constellation GNSS receiver, which offers a high degree of resilience and reliability even in challenging environments.

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Linnet Mosaic-X5 | RTK Positioning Module

Linnet is a multi-band module, equipped with a robust, highly accurate Mosaic receiver by Septentrio. It benefits from receiving signals from all major constellations, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and QZSS. Linnet can be used both directly on the rover and as a base station.

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Key strengths

  • RTK Precision: Achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy.
  • Attain precise positioning even in low-coverage zone.
  • Mosaic-X5 Inside: which is a 448 channels “all-in-view” receiver which supports all GNSS constellations.
    • GPS, Gal, BeiDou, GLO, NavIC also SBAS, QZSS, and built-in on-module support for other L-band correction services.
  • Various modern correction service technologies (RTCM v 3.x, SSR, PPP).
  • Equipped with USB-C connectivity, ensuring fast and reliable data transfer.
  • Powerful CPU capable of running a full internal web user interface as well as NTRIP onboard for configuration and monitoring (via USB).
  • UART, USB communication modes.
  • Best in class resilience: anti-jamming protection, and anti-spoofing built-in and embedded spectrum analyzer.
  • Robust GNSS tracking even under harsh vibrations and shocks.
  • Portable and Protected: Lightweight case included.
  • Made in France: we design and produce our products in our engineering office in France.

Linnet Applications

  • Industrial: Navigation and tracking, surveying
  • UAV: Autonomous navigation for unmanned vehicles
  • Robotics: Navigation systems for ground robotics
  • Agriculture and construction: Precision control for heavy machinery

Linnet facilitates accurate navigation and automation of moving machinery in industrial. It is also suitable for a wide range of personal applications tailored to individual customers.

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Our Partner

Septentrio Logo
Septentrio designs and produces high-precision and top-performance GNSS receivers. Their technology is used in various professional sectors such as UAV, machine control, logistics, agriculture, and more.
They are behind the Mosaic-X5 receiver, a key component of Linnet. Septentrio's commitment to precision and reliability aligns perfectly with our mission to provide cutting-edge technology for high-precision positioning. With Septentrio, we're proud to provide our customers with highly robust and accurate solutions for a variety of industries.

Additional information

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GPS L1/L2/L5 & Glonass L1/L2/L5 & Beidou B1/B2/B5 & Galileo e1/e5/e6

Working voltage


Current consumption


Communication interface



Download the Datasheet (pdf)


You can learn how to use Linnet Mosaic-X5 on our forum.


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